To get what you want, First Help others get what they want.

The Client

The client in question is an HVAC distribution company. They supply heating and cooling units from nationally recognized manufacturers to their network of dealers.

The Problem

The company does not sell directly to the end customer. They are an invisible middleman in the sales process. Most customers will not even know their name or recognize their brand. So how can they use the proven power of advertising to grow their sales?

The Opportunity

As they say, "A rising tide lifts all boats." What if the Company helps dealers grow their sales? Even if an ad campaign does not benefit them directly, they can still intentionally expand their sales by advertising.

The Concept

What if the company organizes a digital ad campaign in behalf of their dealers? We create ads that can be targeted to homeowners in the dealer's area. The result is that everyone wins. The manufacturers sell more units and grow brand awareness. The dealers gain new clients and sell additional installs. And the Larson Company who put this all together rises with the tides.

What's getting in the way of your sales?