We let our actions outpreach our words.

The Client

Concept Marketing is a spirited advertising agency with a relentless drive to deliver the best results for every single one of our clients.

The Problem

Almost everything changed in 2021 at Concept Marketing. New ownership. New employees. New location. Everyone inside the agency recognized the noticeable zeal towards delivering tangible results. However, we could see two problems: How do we communicate that new gusto to others? and how do we keep that determination alive for ourselves and those who will join later?

The Opportunity

We can treat our own agency like we would one of our clients. What would we recommend for internal as well as external communications? What does our increased energy look like? and how do we show that to others? What kind of feeling do we sense with the agency that we want others to feel as well? How can that energy be felt in everything from the logo, to the brand colors, to a new tagline, to a company mantra/customer promise?

The Concept

What if we create a mantra that reminds us of who we are and what we stand for? What if we commission an artist to tell the Concept story of starting with a kernel of an idea and following it through until it totally takes flight? What if we turn our logo into the spark of an idea? What if we plaster our walls and windows with our new identity? What if we turn Concept into a concept?

Commissioned Artwork

We commissioned Caleb Ceran to storyboard then take to final four images that tell a Concept story.

He does awesome illustrations, murals, graphic design, and brand identity. Check him out at calebceran.com

Out With The Old

It was time to create a logo that expressed the vibrancy of the new agency.

Rough Start

Keep the layouts rough and the ideas fancy. By commissioning famed artist Caleb Ceran, we were able to start from the sketch of an idea and take that all the way through to final executions.

Not quite

First attempts let us know we were heading in the right direction... but not quite there.

Some Ideas Did Not Fly

But they gave birth to new thoughts and executions that were simple and powerful.

Wrote Our Mantra

Which gave us words to express how we felt about getting tangible results for our clients.

Found Available Ad Space

We surrounded ourselves with the art and our tagline as a clear reminder of what we stand for. Yes, Everything great starts with a concept.

Outside Of The Box B2B

Once the brand refresh was complete, we began a campaign to attract new business using innovative VideoBooks and other outside-the-box strategies. Now imagine what we can do for you.

What's getting in the way of your sales?