Unclogging new revenue streams for everyone.

The Client

The Utah Plumbing & Heating Contractor's Association (UPHCA) is the largest non-union subcontractor association representing the plumbing and HVAC industry in the state of Utah.

The Problem

Operational funds for the association come from three main sources—membership dues, training, and sponsorships. They were doing their best, but money always seemed tight. How can they grow the association without ample marketing dollars?

The Opportunity

Money follows value. If we can help UPHCA increase the value they bring to their members, affiliates, and the community, we can open up new streams of revenue that can fuel growth. And if we increase value for association members, they will win too.

The Concept

What if we turn their website into a cash register? Let's make this into a platform where the community goes to find the most trusted plumbing and HVAC professionals. Let's make it easy for plumbers to pay for and attend CE classes. And let's help sponsors see they'll get a great ROI by advertising here.

Dual Messaging

UPHCA serves two audiences. Homeowners looking for a trusted plumber or HVAC specialist and the professionals themselves who are in the Association. We created a headline on the home page with dual messaging that serves both audiences.

The Seal Of Approval

If you're a homeowner looking for a plumber you can trust, you're going to want to look for the UPHCA Qualified seal of approval. Since the association self-regulates, if they sport this seal you will have the assurance you're working with a trusted professional.

Branded Email

To ensure that every touchpoint that comes from UPHCA has the high standard of excellence, we created a series of email templates so communication can feel fresh, but maintain the look and feel of the trusted brand.

Diverting Web Traffic

What good is a valuable website or service if nobody knows about it? We've created a series of ads to let homeowners know to look for the UPHCA Qualified seal of approval with a quick link to the membership directory.

Money Follows Value

Now that homeowners are flowing to the UPHCA membership directory, we can unlock features for each member to further customize their listing so they will stand out from the rest of the A-listers.

High Value Education

UPHCA offers continuing education for plumbers and contractors so they can stay current with their licensing. Highly targeted display ads interrupt plumbers reminding them to register. The new site now helps facilitate the sale.

Improving Cash Flow

One of the main sources of revenue for UPHCA is their continuing education classes. We've now simplified the registration and completion process, making this a much more efficient source of revenue.

Everyone Wins

By making the site more of a platform with increased value being given to members and homeowners... the site becomes more valuable to affiliates—especially when they buy sponsorship space on the site. Lesson learned: Always provide more value.

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