Here’s How Good Guys Finish First.

The Client

Heiner's Insurance Center is an independent insurance agency who provides a wide range of insurance products from health and life to auto and business.

The Problem

So many competitors claim to be “Your neighbor” when it comes to choosing your insurance company that it just becomes white noise, but that’s genuinely who Heiner’s is and how they serve. How can they prove it?

The Opportunity

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. If you are who you say you are and don’t ever have to put on a show, all you have to do is come and be yourself in an authentic and approachable way.

The Concept

So let’s put on a show… but let’s make it a car show—and give all the proceeds to charity. Welcome Crusin’ For A Cause. Heiner’s has now sponsored six annual local car shows, raising thousands of dollars for local charities and impacting hundreds of lives.

Poppin' Print Material

We created posters and hand-outs to elevate the car show to a classy event.

Branded Social Posts

Social media posts tied in with the well-branded hand-outs and posters to further reinforce this as a must-attend event.

Follow-Up Geotargeting Ads

Now with Heiner's Insurance as top-of-mind, display ads were targeted to the surrounding areas to capitalize on the newly generated good will.


Overall with 76 car participations, the charity drive was a success in bringing out the local communities in helping support local charities and impacting hundreds of lives.

Amount Raised

Heiner's Cruisin' for a Cause was able to raise over $10k to help local charities.


With Cruisin' for a Cause, getting picked up by local news and broadcast was a crucial part in elevating both the Heiner's Brand and the charity cause. With 17,493 release views in multiple sources, Heiner was able to engage with their local community and help make the charity a success.

Social Advertising

With Social Advertising, Concept was able to bring in 128 event responses and 1,217 website clicks. Hence, making the Heiner's brand more prominent in the local community of Ogden

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