Concept Marketing’s hands-on SEO team makes sure your website beats the competition. Our experts create SEO-friendly content, images, video, and relevant metadata to ensure optimal organic search engine relevancy.

Concept’s SEO efforts are results-driven. We don’t slow down, even when our clients are ranking well on page one. One client, Hamlet Homes, highlights the need for such a strategy. The real estate business experiences lows and highs throughout the year and the Web traffic tends to mirror those highs and lows. One of the goals of this SEO strategy was to ensure organic traffic increased to the site each month, even during the quieter times.

Over the course of one year, Hamlet Homes saw:

  • 72% increase in website sessions
  • 71% increase in users
  • 50% of web traffic each month came from organic searches
  • And, organic users stayed on the site an average of one minute longer than other visitors

SEO Growth

SEM/PPC/Display Advertising

Paid search marketing comes in many forms: SEM, display advertising, search targeting, and remarketing. Concept Marketing is well versed in the nuances of each. Online advertising is one of the best ways to advertise on the web that provides the opportunity to directly track the return on your investment.

The type of online campaign will vary depending on the goals of the business. Do you want to sell your product online? Do you want to focus on branding? Do you want only phone calls to your business for booking purposes? Whatever your goals, a strategically designed online advertising campaign will help you get there.

Utah Safe Haven, a division of the Utah Department of Health, hired Concept Marketing to further increase the awareness of the Utah Newborn Safe Haven law. This two-month, education-based campaign focused on distributing a variety of ad types which helped deliver a specific message and encouraged people to click through to the website for more information.

This diverse campaign utilized a variety of ad types to spread the word as quick as possible in a short amount of time:

  • Display ads
  • Video ads (in-video & display)
  • Call-only options
  • Search engine ads
  • 2.9 Million

    Ad Impressions

  • 2,489

    Ad Clicks

  • 6,014

    Video Views

Reputation Management

Concept Marketing manages your online reputation unlike any computer software available. A dedicated Reputation Management expert updates your online listings, confirming the information is correct and current at all time. We take this effort one step further in removing unwarranted negative reviews while rewarding reviews that sing your praises.

Red Pine Adventures, a Park City snowmobile and horseback guiding company, was looking to improve their overall online reputation, increase star ratings, and get listed on a few more relevant directory listing sites that would potentially bring in leads. In a six-month time-frame, Concept Marketing got their company listed on ten new directory listing sites, and removed outdated negative reviews to increase Red Pine Adventure’s star rating on Yelp from four stars to five. Concept Marketing also improved their search rankings to first page search results for eight different listing sites.

Increase in Yelp star rating from 4 to 5

Content Marketing

  • Informative & fun blogs
  • Visually-appealing infographics
  • Social media conversations
  • Videos
  • Print & digital publications
  • Website content
  • And so much more!

Concept Marketing understands the fine process of informing and educating audiences, while subtly leading them to the steps of a final purchase or phone call. Our team researches audiences, tells your story, dispels the information across a variety of channels, and measures the outcomes. Content Marketing not only puts you in the positon as the leading expert, it is also vital for SEO and inbound marketing efforts. Your business can’t afford to miss out on all the content marketing opportunities out there!

Email Marketing

  • Concept & Design
  • Develop
  • Proof & Test
  • Schedule, Deliver & Reporting

Our team creates, manages, tests, and delivers emails for any business occasion. Biannual sales, promotional events and online newsletters are all within our wheelhouse. Concept Marketing will assess the open and click-through rates of each email to determine what’s working, and how to improve. We measure and analyze every email marketing campaign, so you reach only the most appropriate demographic with a specific message and call-to-action.

The Leave Me On Hold newsletter continues to show steady improvements in open and click through rates. The newsletter jumped from a 5% click through rate to 12% in just three months. This was achieved through measuring data from weekly send outs, and then tweaking the newsletter content, subject lines and delivery times, until the desired results were seen.

5%–12% increase in 3 months

Social Marketing

Concept Marketing assesses your needs, outlines opportunities, and suggests specific actions for long-term social media success. Our team strategizes to determine which social platforms work best with your business and demographic. We manage all available networks and create content that speaks to each specific social channel.

Utah Safe Haven, a division of the Utah Department of Health, wanted to increase clicks to their website, and inform audiences of the protections that mothers and babies have in the state of Utah. Along with a focused SEM strategy, Concept Marketing ran a two-month, social media campaign with a Facebook advertising budget to help spread the word further.

At the conclusion of the campaign, our efforts surpassed the goals set forth by Utah Safe Haven. A total of 233,466 Facebook users were reached, with over 5,500 clicks through to the website recorded. Additionally, the Facebook page itself showed a healthy 4.1% overall growth in viewership and engagement. Our team utilized image, text, and video-based content to connect with and reach the target demographic.

4.1% Facebook Page "Likes" Growth

(2-month period)