Just One Foundation

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Giving Their Story A Home

We redesigned their website so everything flowed around their positioning statement and story. Since success breeds success, we led with images showing how lives were being impacted.

Throughout the site are subtle invitations for you to be the one who makes an impact on another's life.

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Let's Kickstarter This

Kickstarter is one of the most successful funding platforms. We took lessons learned from successful campaigns and created each funding opportunity around a project with a clear financial goal and student outcome.

Plus, we made interacting with the cards fun. They're the central part of the homepage. Check them out here: justonefoundation.com/

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Video Says It Best

Nothing communicates quite like video. In 2019 the Just One Foundation took a trip to Colombia with a video crew who shot a bunch of footage... but never delivered on actually editing it into a video.

We took their footage and crafted it into a story that explains why they started with a playground. Check the video out here.

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Their Story In 60 Seconds

Taking the unused footage from the 2019 trip, we also put a story together telling who is the Just One Foundation (and most importantly, why should you care?)

Then we hired a voice actress living in the Dominican Republic to give it the right blend of emotion and cultural appropriateness. She did a fantastic job. Watch the video here.

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Taglines Have Power

Taglines do more than just communicate a message to potential clients and donors. Taglines can unite the company by giving them a clear message as to their WHY.

While interviewing the Just One Foundation board members, someone shared their dream of what they would like to have happen when the movement builds momentum. The gist of what he said turned into their tagline: Imagine If Everyone Helped Just One More.

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Not A Gift, But A Giver

We didn't want a gift. We wanted a giver. Someone who would participate with the Foundation for the long run and make a lasting impact on a child. That's why along with the Kickstarter-like project funding we also created a system for donors to join a subscription plan with recurring donations.

Plus, by breaking the amount down to the daily level, anyone can become a giver and see how they're going to make a life-long difference.

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Corporate Pitch Deck

Corporations love to get involved in giving opportunities. And we love to make that easy.

We designed a corporate pitch deck that distills their story down into quick bite-sized chunks. This makes it simple for Foundation members to present even without fundraising training.