Electric Gamebox

image of project execution

New Kid In Town

Electric Gamebox is a new immersive gaming experience in the Fashion Place Mall... or more correctly—at the Fashion Place Mall. Even though the inside of the Mall was crowded, nobody knew this new adventure was just outside waiting for them. Enter our Direct Mail campaign.

image of project execution

I Call Next Game

We helped give Electric Gamebox a bit of a spunky attitude with the headline. Then, because seeing the games in action sells the experience, we directed people to a specific landing page by encouraging them to scan the QR code. Boom. Seeing is believing.

image of project execution

Stand Out Or Step Down

If you're not going to stand out in your advertising, you're just wasting your money. We design each of our ads to catch people's attention and get them to take action. In this case, that means to pull out their phone, scan the QR code and see what the new immersive experience is all about.