Grow Your Business.

Digital advertising with social media and Google AdWords allows your business to quickly reach a significantly larger, uniquely-targeted audience. Discover Concept Marketing’s Digital Marketing 101 below.


Impressions are like views of a billboard.

Online advertising starts with impressions. Like the view of a billboard in traditional advertising, an impression equates to an eye on your online ad. Even better, digital targeting enables you to serve ads to your core demographics and only people who live in your core area. Learn More >


Track customer actions.

Digital advertising on social and pay-per-click ads on Google AdWords take billboard data one step further: to engagements. An engagement is when an online user — a potential customer — takes another step towards making a purchase with your company by interacting with the ad content. This can be a click, a like, a share, or other forms of interaction. Learn More >


Real data, real reporting.

Data and metrics for digital marketing more accurately show true results of a campaign, especially over a short time like the LMG Digital Program. These reports will show the number of impressions, number of engagements, and number of clicks. Learn More >


Grow your business.

Every impression is a potential new customer. Every like is a customer you can keep marketing to. Every click is a customer saying yes, I want what you're offering. Digital marketing expands your customer base and grows your business. Concept Marketing is proud to partner with the Gustave A. Larson Company to provide a robust digital campaign offering.

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