To get what you want, First Help others get what they want.

The Client

Gustave A. Larson is an HVAC distribution company. They supply heating and cooling units from nationally recognized manufacturers to their network of dealers.

The Problem

The Larson company does not sell directly to the end customer. They are an invisible middleman in the sales process. Most customers will not even know their name or recognize their brand. So how can they use the proven power of advertising to grow their sales?

The Opportunity

As they say, "A rising tide lifts all boats." What if the Larson Company helps dealers grow their sales? Even if an ad campaign does not benefit them directly, they can still intentionally expand their sales by advertising.

The Concept

What if the Larson Company organizes a digital ad campaign in behalf of their dealers? We create ads that can be targeted to homeowners in the dealer's area. The result is that everyone wins. The manufacturers sell more units and grow brand awareness. The dealers gain new clients and sell additional installs. And the Larson Company who put this all together rises with the tides.

Why Be Cold?

Most people know their furnace was on the fritz all last season. Remember that clanking and grinding noise that used to scare the dog? But we're procrastinators, right? With this campaign we chose to join the conversation already going on inside their head.

Simplifying Customer Experience

Gustave A. Larson ran two campaigns simultaneously. One that took visitors directly to a dealer's site, and one that let them choose their closest dealer. We helped simplify the experience for the general buy so that customers could get where they wanted with less friction.

Never Let 'em See You Sweat

Too often people put off maintaining their AC unit until it's too late. We bring this natural tendency to mind with this light-hearted campaign.

Anyone Can Be Cool

We designed the landing page to pay off the previous ad in a fun way. Gives a whole new meaning to "cool."

Can You Relate

The AC goes out and you start kicking yourself for not getting that tune-up in the Spring before everything heated up. Let's tell the story in the Spring to help people avoid the bad break.

Comfort Zones Are Good

Here's the landing page pay-off for the previous ad. We turned the negative into a positive, reinforcing the benefit of acting now to prevent any future AC problems.

Most Successful Campaign

Each year we make improvements. The Fall of 2021 rose to new heights elevating the manufacturers the dealers, and of course Gustave A. Larson as the distributor.

Catching More Attention

One element we tested was the effectiveness of animation on click-through-rates. Turned out animated GIF ads produced an 83% higher click-through rate.

Results Overall

The Fall 2021 campaign brought in 46% more clicks to the dealers, an 83% increase in click-through-rates, and all at an average cost of just $1.03 per click.

Making An Impression

Despite the increase in competition, we were still able to generate higher brand awareness with 51.9 million impressions.

What's getting in the way of your sales?