Turning Around The Brand In Just One Year!

The Client

Action Plumbing Heating Air & Electric are your go-to contractors in the Greater Salt Lake area. Quick responses, and 24-hour emergency services set them apart.

The Problem

Action had been doing limited advertising and it showed. The once prominent brand was slipping out of the public consciousness and in-bound calls were dwindling. Without advertising, all the brand equity was drying up as fast as when you shut off your spigot.

The Opportunity

Since Action had been a well known brand before, we could get them there again. The trick is how to do this effectively since media uses have changed dramatically in the past few years? Plus, many new homeowners have recently come to the State and don’t know the brand.

The Concept

What if we let data drive the campaigns and track what’s most effective so they can do more of that? Plus, let’s make the brand stand out from anything else in the market—distinctive colors, fun brand characters, and great deals that open up the doors. The result included: improved sales during peak months, decreased abandoned calls, and we decreased the cost per digital lead by 91%. See more results below.

Let's Get To Business...Quickly

Not only will a slow-loading website drive away your sales, but so will a non-mobile friendly one. We worked to create a much more customer-centric experience and it totally paid off—we cut the load time by half!

Everyone Likes A Deal

Utahns are especially driven by sales and deals. Through a variety of print options we continued to find new leads through eye-catching deal pages.

Digital Was The Real Hero

Highly targeted and extremely trackable digital ads brought in sales. Lots of them. Between Google Ads, Google Local Services, and organic search we brought in 91.7% of the company's leads.

That's a wrap

With our newly designed van wrap, nobody will miss the Action vans as they drive through neighborhoods. Great way to extend the personality of the brand and keep things moving.

Spend Less To Find More

Through constant refining of the digital marketing strategies, we were able to decrease the cost per lead by a staggering 91%!

Clients Don't Wait

When someone's looking for help, they don't like to wait. By some estimates nearly half of us won't wait even three seconds for a page to load. Through streamlining their website we cut the load time down by half!

Every Call Matters

If someone's willing to pick up a phone and dial in, they're ready to hand you money. The fewer abandoned calls the better. We were able to reduce the number of abandoned calls by 43%.

Hotter Sales

Even though 2022 wasn't overly hot, the sales were. Compared to '21 we boosted sales by an astonishing 105% during two peak months.

What's getting in the way of your sales?