Salt Lake Running Company

Salt Lake Running Company, the local leader in all things running, had a valuable product to sell, but buyers were unaware they existed. Salt Lake Running Company aspired to get their name and reputation out to the public, and in turn increase website traffic and visitors to their location.


  • Radio ads aired on nine total stations
  • Each ad campaign ran for six weeks
  • Creative, clever, and memorable full radio production

The Concept Marketing team produced and managed our client’s 2016 radio campaign, implementing it through targeted media buys. The radio production of this campaign focused on creating a memorable brand voice that could be carried out during future campaigns. The result translated into several creative, clever, and standout radio spots that met huge success, bringing in new customers who needed the extra nudge to get in the door.

Window Wraps

  • Over one million impressions
  • Quality vinyl material, and precisely measured design and installation ensured wrap longevity
  • Targeted branding efforts

Concept Marketing managed the design and installation of several high-profile window wraps for Salt Lake Running Company. These window wraps served to highlight the quality fitness brands carried in the store, and to create further consistency with Salt Lake Running Company's overall brand image.

All of these focused efforts proved to be effective, as store sales and overall brand awareness increased in the following weeks.