Salt Lake Running Co:

Brand Redefinition

Rebranding a 20 year Salt Lake City institution is always a tricky business. SLRC put their brand in our hands and worked with Concept Marketing to help evolve the brand to the next level. We created the evolutionary mark to maintain brand equity and help broaden their audience. This was accomplished by directing focus on all forms of movement that SLRC customers are inspired to take part in.


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Advertising, Creative

SLRC Brand Guide

Brand Refresh

SLRC Brand Logo Design

After twenty years in business, the Salt Lake Running Company was ready to take the next step in their evolution. Concept Marketing worked to seamlessly update the logo, create a versatile naming system, and clarify brand persona to expand customer base and provide a platform for growth.

SLRC Naming System

Additional Branding

SLRC needed a robust launch for the new brand that would firmly establish their new identity. Concept Marketing provided an entire system of branding pieces; creating a unified appearance that made SLRC instantly recognizable.


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