Just Right Heating and Cooling:

Who is Just Right Heating & Cooling?

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Just Right Heating and Cooling specializes in repair, replacement, remodeling, design, and maintenance of HVAC comfort systems for your home. They provide Utah residents and families with the honest, qualified, and reputable heating and air conditioning services they deserve. They’re trusted advisors who strive to provide customer experiences that go well beyond the ordinary. 

What services does Concept Marketing this client?

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What is their COVID-19 success story?

Just like the rest of the world, Just Right Heating and Cooling was uncertain how COVID-19 would affect their business, employees, and customers.. They were worried about having to let staff members go and what was going to become of their business.Thankfully, Just Right Heating and Cooling adapted their business practices to keep their customers’ and employees’ safety as their top priority. 

As HVAC is an essential industry, it didn’t need to shut down during closures of the pandemic, but Just Right Heating and Cooling took action, nevertheless. Their first step was to address safety protocols to keep all employees and customers safe and update their website, as well as build a customized landing page, to highlight the important measures they were taking in order to communicate said measures. They also sent email communications to all their customers to let them know that they were still in business, but that they were making sure that safety was a top priority. And, as mentioned above, to deliver an extraordinary customer experience, since Just Right technicians were out and about, they offered to help people run errands in their communities who couldn’t leave their home, which received great feedback from the community. This messaging was also added to social media posts and TV commercials. 


When the lock-down went into place, Just Right offered their customer service team to work from home, but none of them did it. They updated all cubicles to be 42” tall and they put up plexiglass all the way up to the ceiling—each person was in their own bubble. Technicians were only allowed to call into the office and weren’t allowed to come in. They wanted to keep their employees who weren’t out in the field protected from those who were.


Their customer service team took it upon themselves to make a lot of outbound calls informing their customers about the steps that Just Right has taken to keep them safe.


The ultimate advice from Tom Dearden, President of Just Right Heating, is to “be bold and to be proactive. You have to get out there with your message and let your customers know that you’re going to take care of them. Employees are just as important as customers.” 


Because of all this, and an unusually hot April in Utah, Just Right Heating & Cooling had their best May and June by quite a lot! How did they do this you ask? One of their keys to their success was marketing and communicating the right things at the right times, as well as being in touch with community needs. 

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