Intermountain TOSH:

Concussion Awareness Campaign

Concept Marketing took advantage of the film premiere of the Hollywood sensation Concussion, to raise awareness and educate viewers on TOSH’s concussion services. Concept Marketing created pop-up banners and placed them in the lobbies of eight Salt Lake City theaters during the release of Concussion. These banners connected TOSH’s award-winning medical treatments with the national conversation surrounding the seriousness of concussions in a creative and thought-provoking way.


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Content Marketing, Environmental Advertising

Pre-roll video

Concept Marketing scripted and produced this pre-roll video highlighting TOSH’s concussion treatments. This video was screened during the previews of the Concussion film for the duration of the film’s release throughout Salt Lake City movie theaters. This additional touchpoint further solidified TOSH as the leader in concussion and sports-related medical services.


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