Hamlet Homes:

Website Development

Hamlet Homes is dedicated to building quality homes in sought-after locations. They focus on building communities — not homes. As Utah’s premier homebuilders, their website needed to easily connect home buyers with their ideal property. To achieve this goal, they came to Concept Marketing looking to develop a new site, designed with user experience in mind.


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Digital Marketing, Creative, Interactive, Web Design + Development

Website Design and Development

Custom Design & Web Development

Before initiating the design process, the Concept team met with Hamlet Homes to discuss the unique needs of the website. After identifying the tools needed — such as connecting customers with personal information and easy searching for open properties — Concept developed a customized WordPress site to fit those needs.

Search Engine Optimization & Paid Search Marketing

The next step — after creating the custom website for Hamlet Homes — was to increase traffic and optimize it for ranking in search engines. As Google Partners, our team quickly assessed our client’s goals and conducted thorough keyword research and search analysis. After identifying effective keywords and campaign structures, our team implemented them accordingly.


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