Hamlet Homes:

Community Launch Public Relations

Hamlet Homes is the premier Utah homebuilder of new homes in the Salt Lake City area. They aren’t just a homebuilder — they build communities. When one community’s homes became available for sale, they approached Concept Marketing for assistance in spreading the word.


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Public Relations

PR Event in Utah for New Community

Press Release

Though press releases serve a primary purpose — to distribute information to the press — Concept Marketing also incorporates SEO content throughout the piece, so Hamlet Homes could benefit from the additional content on their website. Our press release for the opening of Glenmore Village was engaging and served these dual-purposes for our client.

Public Relations Event

To amplify awareness of the event, and to support a family in need, Hamlet Homes gave to one family in need brand-new kitchen appliances. Concept Marketing utilized our media relationships to get a great turnout for the event and coverage on air and through print.