Gustave A. Larson Company:

Environmental Advertising

Gustave A. Larson Company is the Midwest and Mountain West premier distributor of HVAC and refrigeration products. Each year, the Larson Company is responsible for coordinating different spends for various advertising co-ops. When they approached Concept Marketing, they were seeking a way to implement these separated budgets into singular ad pools to benefit each client.


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Creative

Billboard purchased during media buy

Environmental Advertising

Our client, the Larson Company, hoped to reach commuters and residents in the several different regions. Concept Marketing researched the appropriate areas and analyzed different environmental opportunities before making purchasing recommendations. As always, our media buyers negotiated rates that allowed for a greater number of impressions for less.

In one region — Salt Lake City — our team selected a thoughtfully designed and well-placed billboard on the busiest highway, leading straight into downtown.

Online Advertising

To support the outdoor advertising efforts, we implemented a strategic, online advertising campaign, utilizing both Social Media and AdWords Display. The messaging was similar to what potential customers saw on billboards, and it featured a more direct call to action. Users nationwide visited the Trane and Amercian Standard websites in droves to find their respective dealer.