The family owned furniture gallery Forsey’s has been around for over 60 years. While well-respected in the local furniture buying community, Forsey’s aimed to bring more visitors to their store and increase traffic to their website. Concept Marketing analyzed Forsey’s target demographic, and focused on traditional marketing efforts like store brochures, postcards and mailers to achieve their goals.

Breakfast at Forsey's Mailer

  • Design, print and direct mail to 6,000 current customers
  • Full-color, 6" × 10.5" folded mailer
  • Complete production & distribution (concept, design, copywriting & production)

The Breakfast at Forsey’s mailer utilized creative design with a consistent theme. Our objective was two-fold: increase in-store sales and advertise the brand. This mailer focused on targeted specials sent out to their current customers. Forsey’s Furniture Gallery received thousands of dollars in new sales, as well as an uptick in foot traffic in the store compared to previous months.


  • Targeted current and new customers (7,500)
  • Full-color, 6" × 9" 12pt. postcard
  • Production included: concept, design, copywriting, list procurement, printing & mailing

When it comes to successful mailing campaigns, a beautifully designed postcard is only half the equation. Concept Marketing purchased several small targeted mailing lists that focused on single family homes, home value and equity, and ideal customer locations, to best reach Forsey’s demographic.

Concept Marketing also re-thought the standard postcard design from a standard single fold card to a trifold mailer, allowing for a variety of visual aesthetics and more surface area to highlight the call-to-action.

Designer Brochure

  • Concept, design & print production targeting interior designers
  • Eight page booklet delivered to over 300 industry experts

Potential customers weren’t the only ones Forsey’s Furniture Gallery wanted to target. A large percentage of their sales came from partnerships with interior designers, architects, and home builders. Concept Marketing actualized the client’s vision of a beautiful, clean, and informative Designer Brochure. This item acted as a reference tool for designers, as well as an educational piece on what brands Forsey’s carried and what special deals designers would receive if they worked with Forsey’s.

The quality of the design as well as materials used during production allowed this piece to truly stand out in the concentrated arena of mailers. Concept Marketing elevated Forsey’s connection with designers in the industry, and facilitated these partnerships to bring in more sales and lasting relationships.