Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling

Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric, and Fireplaces is an all-encompassing home service provider. Their mission is to maintain the comfort of all families in the Cedar Falls and Waterloo areas of Iowa. Dalton approached the Concept team with a clear mission: growth. They aimed to serve even more homes and make the Dalton name synonymous with “your partner in home maintenance.”


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Creative, Market Research

Dalton Comfort Campaign Print

Dalton Comfort Campaign

Because Dalton was fairly new to the marketing scene in Eastern Iowa, Concept Marketing’s goal was to distribute their message through a wide variety of mediums. We created a long-term campaign playing on their current slogan, “Your comfort is our promise.” The campaign focused on specific stories and people to whom Dalton promises comfort.

Market Research

The first step in creating a strategic marketing campaign is to perform in-depth, market research. Concept Marketing sent a survey to current customers, identifying their likes, dislikes, media preferences, and satisfaction levels. Next, we conducted a thorough competitor analysis, detailing prices, services performed, and market share. Finally, we scrutinized industry trends to compile the strategic marketing plan.


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