Curtis Packaging:

Brand Guide

Curtis Packaging is the creator of high-end packages for a wide variety of clients and industries, including Titleist, Estee Lauder, Godiva, Grey Goose, and more. Curtis thoughtfully designs and masterfully prints each of their products.

The packaging company came to Concept Marketing looking for a brand refresh. In summation, they need to enhance their brand so that it was as visually striking as their products.


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Creative, Market Research

Logo Development

Concept’s goal was to deliver a logo that encompassed the personality of the Curtis brand. We enacted a collaborative logo creation process where we began with a series of images, then colors, and then shapes. This process allowed our team to create a logo based on the thoughts, ideas, and goals of the Curtis team, rather than a contrived image.

Finally, we presented the logo variations to the Curtis Packaging team for approval, from which they selected the perfect match.

Brand Guidelines

After logo creation, Concept constructed a brand guide that allowed for brand consistency. This guide was all-encompassing, including definitions and guidelines for the following:

  • Logo Usage and Sizing
  • Color Usage
  • Company Mission Statement
  • Typography
  • Design Samples
  • Photos
  • Email Signatures
  • Tagline
  • Letterhead.


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