Complete Recovery:

Redefining corporate branding and defining marketing strategy.

Complete Recovery is an industry leader in the knowledge, customer, and equipment recovery spaces. Their integration of services beyond standard collections makes them an invaluable asset for any client. When you are on top, you deserve branding that matches.

Realizing a visual shift was necessary, Complete Recovery came to Concept Marketing for full treatment brand redefinition, logo design, and distributable materials combined into one package.

As an established company, letting go of existing branding can be difficult. Concept Marketing seeks to maintain brand equity with each redefinition and aims to evolve brand elements such as logos, typography, and colors, rather than entirely change them.

Complete Recovery Brand Guidelines

Working closely with chief decision makers at Complete Recovery, the Concept team created a guideline for these amendments. The document will serve as a reference point for all future material development, ensuring a unified appearance going forward.

Bringing a brand into the physical world is a game changer. Providing potential clients with a tactile reminder of the benefits of Complete Recovery’s services could make the difference between a signed contract or not.

Concept Marketing designed a branded representation of Complete Recovery’s full range of offerings, from their three areas of focus to the four industry verticals they specialize in. All this in a clear, simple brochure.

Marketing Strategy & Recommendations

There is more to a brand and marketing than just a logo. Concept Marketing understands what it takes for a company to launch with success and is on the pulse of crucial tactics needed to excel in influence.

Complete Recovery Marketing Strategy

With market research for Complete Recovery fresh in mind, the team set out to detail the most effective methods to reach a wider audience. These recommendations seek to create the foundation of an effective market strategy and develop into a campaign for national recognition.


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Creative, Market Research, Branding


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