C. Woods Co.:

Redefining Hot

C. Woods provides plumbing, heating, and cooling services to residents and business in Tyler, Texas. They have been serving the community for over 60 years and are notorious for the hard work and skilled technicians. Our client sought to stand out from competition from other HVAC and Plumbing companies in the area.


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Advertising, Creative, Market Research

Television and Radio Production

The C. Woods brand had a little Texas sass, but the former television spots didn’t fit this personality. Concept incorporated the playful feel of the brand into a new series of television and radio spots that were a still little tongue-in-cheek but elevated to stand out from the crowd. Our team created, produced, and delivered two spots quarterly.

Market Research

Every campaign should begin with thorough market research. For C. Woods, we conducted a current customer survey to identify key demographics and psychographics. Then, we orchestrated detailed competitor research. Finally, we analyzed the industry and compiled all our found data to develop a strategic marketing plan.

Media Buying

No matter the market, Concept Marketing’s media buyers negotiate competitive rates. We incorporated consumer data found during our market research process to identify the ideal stations for our target market. Then, we negotiated an aggressive rate that exceeded our client’s expectations.