Alexandria Windows, Doors, & Metal Roofing — A COVID-19 Success Story:

Who is Alexandria Windows, Doors, & Metal Roofing?

Based in Southfield, Michigan, Alexandria combines energy efficiency with beauty in all their designs and installations. Their team of experts has a thorough understanding of industry specifications and works to exceed expectations every time. With a wide array of options for all your installation needs, Alexandria is a reliable choice for your next renovation or new home build.

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What is their COVID-19 success story?

Winter generally isn’t the prime time for window, door, and roof replacements. Nevertheless, marketing must go on! Even during this slow time, the Alexandria team made the decision to persevere and keep their marketing going. Staying consistently and continually putting yourself in front of your target audience is how great brands build up their recognition.

Enter the coronavirus.

An unprecedented pandemic and uncertain market would have any business owner on the edge of their seat waiting to see how the tide will turn. Thankfully, Alexandria’s persistence and carefully planned digital campaign set them up to take the lead once consumers in their area were ready to invest in their homes. After all, during quarantine people spend all their time in their home. This extra time means that homeowners are noticing drafts and want to get everything in tip-top shape so their home can be their personal vacation spot. Brand recognition and plenty of positive reviews paved the way towards helping customers feel comfortable with the service they would receive.

Alexandria’s team was quick to adapt their business practices. They immediately figured out a way to make virtual estimates feasible and ran a digital campaign focused around the idea of “we don’t want to enter your home.” This health-conscious messaging went a long way with their clients and built trust with those who weren’t familiar with their business. Against-the-grain marketing often finds itself rising above in times of strife. People don’t want to hear the same message repeated. Brands who can effectively market themselves with a unique idea stand out from the crowd. Beyond the messaging and virtual estimates, Alexandria also offered discounts, low down-payments, and fully-cancellable contracts to anyone who signed up during a certain period. Showing your customers that you understand the situation they’re in builds an authentic relationship between your company and the people who keep you in business.

There were a few marketing tactics which worked particularly well for the Alexandria team. With everyone being home so much and turning to their phones for entertainment, they found that online marketing worked best. Ad search campaigns and retargeting efforts showed substantial strength in terms of bringing in valuable leads.

Website Actions on Site

This chart shows how actions on Alexandria’s website dropped during COVID’s peak and took off again once the country started to reopen.


Reaching out to past customers also worked in Alexandria’s favor. For example, if Alexandria had replaced someone’s windows in the past, then that person would receive messages about getting their doors or roofing replaced. All in all, this strategy and the long game of committing to marketing even during the slow season has brought in a lot of business. They are currently completely booked up and scheduling installations months in advance.

Reflecting on this success, Alexander Belilovsky – President of Alexandria Windows, Doors, & Metal Roofing – has this advice to share: “Don’t give up! It’s not the end of the world. We’ve been through recessions before, we can work together and come back from this one too.”

If you’d like to learn more about Alexandria Windows, Doors, & Metal Roofing, you can visit their site here.


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