Action Plumbing:

TV Production

Action Plumbing provides home services — such as plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical and fireplaces — to residents of the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area. Their market is highly competitive, with many other providers serving homes in the same location.

As a result, most home service companies utilize multiple channels to exhibit their advertising. Action approached Concept Marketing looking for a unique way to stand out from the competition. Ultimately, their goal was to become instantly recognizable through memorable advertising.


Concept Marketing provided the following services: Advertising, Television Advertising

Animation and Video Production

To achieve the goal of creating memorable ads, the Concept Marketing team produced videos that included branded animation and clever script writing. The combination of unique artwork, custom animation, and professional voice over brought the Action Plumbing brand to life.

Media Buying and Coordination

Our media buying team negotiated a highly-competitive rate to get Action the best possible impressions though multiple channels. Then, our project manager coordinated the delivery of the final product to all media outlets, websites, and special events by the desired delivery date.

Through our efforts, Action Plumbing became synonymous with their branded characters. Whether they are seen in digital, print, or traditional advertising, they continue to be an instantly recognizable brand in the Salt Lake City area.


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