Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric

This local HVAC and plumbing company was looking for a way to grow sales, increase customer and employee retention, and breeze past every competitor in town. From implementing a complete brand overhaul to actualizing aggressive media buys on radio, television, and billboards, Concept Marketing brought Action Plumbing to the status of bona-fide super hero.

Action Plumbing has grown to be one of the largest plumbing and HVAC companies in the Salt Lake valley, and they continue to outpace competitors every year using Concept Marketing’s consistent and focused marketing efforts.


  • Rebrand included updated logo, brand identity, detailed style guid, business cards, letterhead, truck wraps, and additional collateral
  • Reinforced relationships with current customers and increased new business opportunities

Concept Marketing guided, developed, and managed a complete brand refresh for Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, and gave the company new life with the help of a few fictional superhero spokes-heroes. Concept Marketing combined the revitalized brand with well researched media buy opportunities to continue Action's lead in market share. Our team actualized this brand through both traditional and modern advertising and marketing efforts.


  • Over 85,000 visitors to the website in 2016 and growing (30% yearly increase over the last three years)
  • Responsive across all platforms
  • Informative & fun!
  • Along with a complete overhaul of their identity system, Concept Marketing built a brand-new website to show off all of Action Plumbing’s services, specials, weekly blogs and more. From fully interactive animation to complete responsiveness on every sized screen, our team blew the lid off this HVAC company’s website, bridging the gap between needing to book a service and having fun on the website.


  • Animated videos produced quarterly
  • Air on local affiliate, cable television networks, and online to enhance reach

Action Plumbing’s “Take Action” video spots have become a regular staple in their repertoire of branding items. These videos, complete with current celebrities and local stars, integrate branded animation with great script writing. The 30-second spots reach viewers in local television markets, through YouTube advertising, and via social media channels, to connect and engage current and future customers.


  • Mailing 40,000 newsletters quarterly to current customers
  • Monthly advertising efforts in print magazines with over 100,000 impressions
  • Local newspaper, home shows and direct mail opportunities

Traditional marketing methods like print are so vital to the success of a marketing campaign. Our strategy of creating clear and concise designs and messages resulted in quality engagement from Action Plumbing’s readers. These print efforts worked to retain current customers and reach out to new ones too.

Digital Ads

  • Over twenty million ad impressions per year
  • Diverse ads increase reach (search, display, remarketing, search targeting)

Concept Marketing designed ads that encouraged a consumer call to action. Every ad set was targeted to specific keywords, interests, and remarketing groups, with the ultimate goal being increased click through rates with lower costs per click. Maintaining the number one page position on Google is no easy feat, but Concept Marketing made it happen for our client for a variety of keyword options.

Social Media

  • Over three years, grew Facebook followers to over 5,000 and counting (199% increase)
  • Average 30,000/month Facebook impressions
  • Average 10,000/month Twitter impressions

And let’s not forget about social media. Action Dog makes sure to inform all his followers on what is happening in the area, how to handle that pipe leak, and where to find the best cat memes. Concept Marketing created, optimized, and grew their social following from the ground up, literally. Starting at just 40 collective followers for Action Plumbing’s Facebook pages, to well over 5,000 today, our social media team knew the right ways to propel them into the heart of social media popularity.

Public Relations

Creating a solid relationship between the public and a company isn't always as easy as it sounds. Action Plumbing's regular public relations efforts resulted in a higher opinion of the company, and and increase in new leads. Whether it was by giving away a free HVAC system at Christmas time, or by sharing helpful energy conservation tips on the morning news, Concept Marketing always looked for new ways to promote Action Plumbing as the trusted local leader in the industry.