The Big Game – Our Thoughts:

Every year people from around the globe tune in to one event to watch heavyweights battle it out for supremacy. There is also a football game involved. The big game is one of the biggest platforms for brands to reach millions across the world and they get plenty of scrutinizing.

In a very strange and difficult year there were several high-profile brands that opted to sit this one out but that didn’t stop others from shelling out an estimated $5.5 million for a 30 second spot. Our team took some time to critique those that did participate and here are our thoughts:

Nate – Founder and CEO of Concept Marketing

Verizon: Small Business spot hit the mark. Rallying the country behind small business is timely and inspired. It’s real.

Cheetos: With Ashton Kutcher. Funny, continued to captivate and most importantly a perfect brand connection to the story line. Home run.

Verizon: The Verizon 5G with Samuel L Jackson spot was just flat strange and the connection to brand was off. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that felt this missed the mark.

Jessica – Production/Account Manager

I went skiing so that was a win. I really liked the Budlight Lemonade about “life giving you lemons”. It felt relevant but had some humor to it.

Losers –
I can’t say there was a clear loser. I thought the tone overall was more thoughtful and no one really took crazy risks.

Tony – Creative Director

Winners –
Budlight Lemonade. It had humor but also recognized the crazy year we had.

Losers –
Verizon 5G. The video game angle just fell flat. I also wasn’t a fan of the Budlight “Legends”. It felt way too forced.

Jennifer – Digital Media Manager

Jimmy Johns, the king of Bologna. I thought these were fun, but I also may have wanted a sandwich at the time. The Indeed commercial about jobs was timely and well done.

Losers –
Robinhood! “We are all investors” unless we say you’re not. Normally this would have been a spot that you wouldn’t give a second thought to but given the controversy of the past few weeks it completely missed the mark.

Those are our hot takes. What were your favorites?

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