Seasonality in Marketing – What It Is & Why You Should Care:

An array of colorful leaves, representing marketing seasonality.

Marketing seasonality. The art of keeping your marketing current, or even ahead, of what consumers are leaning towards. You want to be able to put yourself into your audience’s shoes. Anticipate what goes into their purchasing decisions before they start thinking about making those purchases.

Must be the season of the switch…

The first thing that may come to mind for you is holiday messaging. When those holiday Starbucks cups hit the stores, you know all bets are off and the season is upon us. Q4 sees consistent surges in retail sales as scores of consumers prepare for the traditional gift-giving season and look to make the most of deals and discounts during this time.

However, seasonality in your marketing messages can be incorporated nearly any time of the year. The first step is looking at a calendar to see which holiday is up next. You’ll find many opportunities to give your campaigns the extra oomf they need to make a mark and have their best shot in the SEO space.

If you do find that there is a span where it seems that nothing is going on, don’t fret! Slow times provide the perfect opportunity to get your to-do list under control. Consider updating your website, sharing limited-time-only offers to pull in those stragglers, and catching up on internal projects. You could also create a stockpile of content or focus on keeping your social media presence on par.

Trends at Different Times of the Year

Seasonality takes into account the changes in how users interact with search engines throughout the year. People will generally search for fireworks in June & July and Black Friday sales in November. Around the beginning of the year, people will search for flowers, chocolates, and other romantic goods for Valentine’s Day. Use Google Trends to stay on top of what people are searching for now and will be searching for next. Then, incorporate these terms into your strategy.

Being ahead of the curve is a key component of effective seasonal marketing. After all, the buying process begins long before the sale takes place. Consumers often research the product or service they intend to purchase to see which options are available and try to find the best deal. If you wait to start marketing until people are already talking, you’ve likely missed the beginning of this process and lost sales. If you start marketing to your target audience early, they’ll have time to get a feel for your brand and product. This will help keep you top-of-mind and put you ahead of the competition once peak seasons roll back around.

Tips and Tricks for Success

Success with seasonality involves getting your content in front of the right people at the right time. Marketers understand this. We aim to get our messages in front of people who are ready to make a purchase, not just the most people possible. Combine this with the constant goal of building positive brand awareness and you have the beginnings of a winning marketing strategy.

To further this, figure out which keywords can put you on top throughout the year and find alternative keywords to keep from getting priced out due to seasonal shifts. Remember to expect a larger cost for the same amount of clicks as search volume rises.

Similar to building your brand, your marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistent, year-long efforts. The cyclical nature of seasonality means that you can easily repurpose a previous campaign to fit with the new year. Be sure to look at the analytics and only reuse ads or themes that worked best for your particular needs. Your audience will appreciate the ability to adapt in an ever-evolving market, as long as it is being done well. Get creative!

We’re all looking for the next great idea that will take the world by storm. Think of how you can involve your audience and customers to build that relationship and brand loyalty with them. For example, you could find inspiration from Google Doodles and redesign your logo for a special event or certain time of the year, or even have a logo contest for your audience to participate in.


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