How to Improve the ROI of Your Digital Advertising Campaigns:

digital advertising campaign metrics

As a marketing agency that provides both digital and traditional strategies, we see countless benefits in marketing campaigns supported by a wide variety of channels. Where traditional tactics are killer for generating brand awareness, digital advertising is more measurable and often more targeted.

But how can you be sure you’re using the right marketing channels for your audience? The best way to answer this question is to measure the performance of your campaigns.

Almost every marketing campaign should provide a return on investment (ROI). If you’re not getting a significant return, you should consider making changes to your campaigns to make them more effective. That could mean a clearer-call-to-action, redesigning, or transitioning to a different tactic.

When measuring the results of your digital marketing campaigns, we suggest looking at metrics that support your business goals. This way, you don’t need to concern yourself with data that doesn’t coincide with what you are attempting to accomplish.

Big picture metrics — like impressions, clicks, and website traffic — provide insight into what interests your customers. If you’re wanting to drive sales, however, make sure your tracked metrics tie into revenue and profit, like conversions.

Measuring ROI

ROI doesn’t necessarily mean recouping every marketing dollar. Occasionally, your campaign aims to build your brand awareness or gain newsletter signups. These goals won’t provide a financial return on investment, but they will support your long-term business goals.

When measuring the success of your digital advertising campaigns, analyze the following:

  • Purchase Influence: The best way to analyze the number of purchases your campaign generates is to directly track your sales through your digital marketing campaign. If this isn’t an option for you — say your POS system isn’t integrated with your analytics — look at the larger picture. Compare overall campaign traffic with your sales numbers, both before and after campaign launch.
  • Leads Gained: Make sure you’re keeping track of the number of leads generated by any given campaign. New emails, phone numbers, or addresses can all lead to increased business down the line.
  • Brand Recognition: As users recognize your brand, your website traffic will increase. Another way you can tell if your brand is top-of-mind is to utilize Google Trends. This platform helps you determine if the number of people searching for your brand increases.

Improving Your Digital Advertising Campaign

Once you begin tracking your ROI, you may notice the metrics are a bit lackluster. There are a number of aspects that could contribute to an ineffective campaign, but below are the changes that can make the biggest impact.

  • Target the right audience: Keep in mind, ROI is about gaining results that benefit your business. Don’t go for quantity over quality. Instead, start by building user profiles that match your ideal customers. Some factors to consider include where your customer is in the buying process, their behavior towards your brand and products, as well as their demographics.
  • Provide the right on-site experience: You can distribute the perfect ad, but you can ruin a campaign by sending users to the wrong landing page. Many digital marketing agencies make this mistake and have a disconnect between their paid ads and where their customers land on their website. Some ways to determine if your landing page isn’t effective is to analyze your bounce rate. Anything over 65% could indicate that the on-site experience doesn’t match the ad.
  • Make it personal: More than 90% of customers leave your website without making a purchase. What are you doing to recapture them? When you connect users to the product they abandon in their cart or viewed for more than five minutes, you can dramatically increase sales. Implement a remarketing campaign to support your other digital advertising efforts.

To get started on your next digital advertising campaign, contact the experts at Concept Marketing. We can help you analyze your business goals and determine the best method for generating ROI.

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