How to Improve Your Direct Mail Campaign:

Letters in a direct mail campaign

Direct mail has gotten a bad reputation in the past few years. The cost is higher than digital advertising, and the medium started to get so saturated with competition that businesses found a hard time receiving an ROI.

But direct mail isn’t dead.

In fact, over the last two years, we’ve noticed a significant uptick in calls and leads from strategic direct mail campaigns. Our best guess is that a large number of businesses began diverting funds to other mediums, lowering the number of pieces consumers receive in their homes.

That being said, the mass mailing strategy you practiced ten years ago isn’t effective today. Your direct mail pieces now need to be highly-targeted and offer-specific. When you create a masterpiece that lands in the right person’s mailbox, your results can exceed your best digital campaign.

Once you’ve decided to include direct mail in your marketing plan, be sure to follow these tips.

1. Organize Your Database.

Your internal database should offer insight into each customer’s buying behavior. When your database is well-organized, you can easily pull lists that allow you to cross-sell or upsell certain goods and services.

Even better, you can track patterns in your data to anticipate your customer’s buying behavior. If they are due for an upgrade or a renewal, deliver a custom message that reminds them to call you.

2. Target the Right Audience.

If you understand your ideal customers, you can build the right list and send the right message. If you don’t, your direct mail pieces will be ineffective.

Mass marketing through direct mail is costly and won’t give you a very good ROI. With the cost of postage on the rise, you don’t want a single piece sent to someone who is likely uninterested in your services or products. Targeted lists are more expensive, but they are the best way to send your message to leads who will purchase from you.

3. Use a Clean List.

If purchasing a list or utilizing your past customer database, make sure to clean your list first. Incomplete addresses or unrelated, old contacts are a wasted investment. Take the time to make sure your list only has complete and accurate names.

4. Craft a Clear Offer.

Review your creative and then review it again. Does the offer encourage potential customers to call? Does it incite a sense of urgency? Can the reader get the idea in just a few seconds? If the answer to any of these questions is no, rethink the creative.

5. Integrate Your Marketing Channels.

Most buyers won’t make a call after one ask. If your direct mail campaign doesn’t have enough frequency to get results, follow up with other mediums.

Email campaigns with similar content give your customer an additional way to respond. You can also use retargeting to serve similar content on social media and display advertising.

If your list allows, try following up directly with a call. With attentive customer service, you can move interest into conversion.

6. Measure the Results.

As with most traditional marketing tactics, direct mail can be a difficult medium to track. A few ways you can help track results include:

  • Using a tracking number
  • Utilizing activation or promotional codes
  • Directing users to a unique, tracking URL

We also suggest looking at your overall sales for the product or service that direct mail was promoting. This can give you a better understanding of the actual campaign results. Remember, direct mail recipients will look up your company online before calling. Keep this in mind, and make sure your website and your online reputation supports the campaign.

For more information on how to build a highly-effective direct mail campaign, or to get started crafting a message, contact the experts at Concept Marketing. Our team can answer all your questions and get you started in the right direction for direct mail success.

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