Our Top 3 Marketing Trends for Your 2019 Strategies:

2019 marketing trends

The new year is just about here, and that means you already have your 2019 marketing plan dialed down! No? That’s okay because we have some tips and trends for you to incorporate into your game plan for next year. Plus, you can always contact the experts at Concept Marketing for help on carrying any of them out.

Here are our top 3 marketing trends that need to be on your radar for 2019.

1. Trusted Content

Content is still king, but for 2019, quality is far more important than quantity. Rather than churning out daily white papers and long-form content that no one reads, make your brand friendly and human. Consider, instead, these authentic forms of content for your marketing strategies.

Long & Short Form Video

At this point, video creation and marketing shouldn’t be a stranger to you. Videos continue to become a more integral part of search and social. Switch up your strategy and make your videos even more authentic. Try live streams that share quick, business updates and make share-worthy videos of your products or services.

Influencer Marketing

Not a new tactic, but one that continues to dominate social media strategies is influencer marketing. Be sure that your influencer partnerships are clearly defined so both you and the influencer benefit.

User-Generated Content

Just like it sounds, user-generated content is content created and shared by users, not your brand. Sure, you have less control over messaging and design, but consumers respond to the authenticity of UGC, which increases your brand’s credibility. When consumers find it interesting and relatable, they are more likely to click through to your offers and promotions.

2. Competitive SEO

Search continues to change and grow beyond its text-only origins. Now, voice search continues to rise in popularity. Voice searches account for 20% of all Google searches are projected to account for 50% of searches by 2020.

What does voice search mean for marketers? More competition. Now, rather than pushing for the front page of Google, your goal needs to be in the top three results since browsers typically give 1 – 3 responses to a user query.

When creating your SEO strategy, consider the fact that voice searches are different than text searches. Voice searches typically take the form of a question and use keywords that are 5 words or longer. Make sure your content can answer specific questions that a consumer may have regarding your business.

3. AI

AI saves you time and provides deeper insight into your advertising and customer base. For instance, chat Bots support your customer service team while maintaining your budget. You can utilize chat bots when your business is closed or as the first responder to customer inquiries. Integrate chatbots with your website, application, or your social media channels.

AI also lets you buy more effective ads and narrow your audience targeting. Using AI helps you to live by the golden marketing rule: deliver your message to the right person in the right place at the right time. In fact, while using AI you can automate your digital ad buys which can give you higher conversion rates at a lower acquisition cost.

Are you still working out your 2019 marketing strategy? Contact our team at Concept Marketing for new strategies that will elevate your current efforts and help to grow your business.

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