5 Methods for Generating Leads on Social Media:

generating leads on social media

Leads are the potential customers who not only display an interest in your business, but they also provide you with follow-up information such as email, phone number, or address. Once you receive their information, you can warm these leads through your sales department and other inbound, marketing strategies.

Social media alleviates pressure for your potential customers. Most of them say they don’t respond to cold calls, but they are ready to engage with you on your social channels. That being said, we don’t like the idea of keeping all your fans, followers, and contacts in one place.

Rather, you can use social media to give your customers a means to connect with you, warm your leads, and direct them to other methods of interaction.

So how do you actually generate leads? Below are our favorite methods.

1. Utilize Strategic Targeting

Reaching your entire intended audience organically is an impossible feat. Even the best content can go unnoticed by the right people if you are not promoting it.

The best method that we’ve found for social is to create a steady stream of shareable, organic content with promotional, sponsored content mixed in. Your audience won’t be inundated with sales-type ads throughout the day. Instead, they will become interested in your content and engage with your sponsored posts.

The first step is to identify the best platforms for your goals. B2B business should incorporate LinkedIn and Twitter. B2C is more appropriate for Facebook and Instagram. That being said, we think diversity is best. Your potential audience may surprise you! Continue testing different content on different platforms to see what works best for your business.

Next, build custom audiences of users who engaged with your page’s content or watched your videos. Once you build your custom audience, you can target them in lead generation ads.

In one example, the Miami Dolphins increased sign-ups for event notifications by creating an engagement custom audience and targeting them with Facebook Lead ads. These ads invited users to share their name and email to subscribe to the Dolphin’s newsletter.

2. Serve the Right Ads for Your Goals

Once you build your custom audiences, you can start creating effective ads that will help you meet your goals. Particularly on Facebook, the multitude of various types of ads you can create can seem a little daunting. As previously mentioned, don’t be afraid to try different types of ads. Just be sure to test and continuously optimize them.

For lead generation, consider your buyer’s journey with your ad strategy. You can’t expect users to sign up for your newsletter or offer the first time they come in contact with your brand. Warm them through your funnel with a strategic approach.

For example, you can start your journey with an interesting video. From there, create a custom audience of users who viewed it 10 seconds or more. Next, create a traffic ad. You can either create a single image ad with a link to promote a single page. Or you can create a carousel ad to display a variety of products and services featuring several links to your website.

After running the traffic ad, create a new custom audience of users who clicked on your ad. Target these users with a conversion-focused, lead-gen ad. These users have already demonstrated a high interest in your business and are more likely to provide contact information.

3. Run Contests

One of the easiest, and most basic, ways to generate leads is to run a contest. Are contests an overused method? Sure! But that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

Make certain, contact information a requirement for participation, and make sure your prize is worth winning.

Don’t be like some business owners and make your contest-generated leads worthless. Your prize should be associated with a service or product that your business provides so you can attract potential customers, rather than users who will be disinterested in your business as soon as the contest ends.

Remember, the purpose is to gather leads for potential business, not just give away a prize. Be sure to take the prospects from the social platform and incorporate them into your email database.

4. Host Live Videos and Webinars

Be an expert in your industry through webinars and live videos and use these videos to generate leads.

There are a couple of ways you can use videos to generate leads. First, you can require advance registration for your webinars. After the webinar, you can follow up with the user, especially since the majority of people who registered will likely not attend the actual webinar.

Live videos, on the other hand, can’t be gated. However, you can direct users to sign-up for different offers and direct them to appropriate landing pages. Make it even easier on them by providing links to the relevant content throughout the webinar or live video.

5. Share Gated Content

Do you have content your users find valuable? If you don’t, you should! Once you develop worthy pieces of content — white papers, webinars, e-books, or checklists — don’t give it away for free. Gate it, instead.

Gated content is exactly how it sounds: content that requires users to put in their information before they can view it.

Our best practice for gated content is to develop a landing page. Make sure that users who are interacting with your landing page are further down your funnel. New users will likely be off-put by the interruption in their web browsing and bounce from the page.

Be aware, once your content is gated, it will be less seen. That being said, the views you receive will be more interested in your business. Fewer views from highly-qualified leads are more valuable than more top-of-the-funnel views.

How are you using social media to generate leads? Let us know if we missed your favorite tactics. Or, if you need a little help, call the experts at Concept Marketing.

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