How to Grow Your Business with Out-of-Home Advertising:

out-of-home advertising

Out-of-home advertising describes any type of ad that reaches your potential customers when they aren’t home. Remember, consumers are likely exposed to upwards of 4,000 ads a day. Implementing the unicorn ad that captures their attention requires both creative and strategic thinking.

Choose One Message

What do you want viewers to do after they’ve been exposed to your message? Are they meant to visit your site or call a number? Do you want them to remember your brand when they see it in a store? Determine your purpose, and have one, clear call-to-action.

Remember, the story you’re telling is what will stand out on a billboard. With only 5 – 7 seconds of maximum viewing time, drivers aren’t likely to remember a website or phone number. Consider making your story the call-to-action and allow your future customers to Google your business instead.

Make Your Story Visual

The goal of out-of-home advertising is to be memorable. How can you get drivers to remember your billboard? How can you stop pedestrians in their tracks and take in your ad? These are the most valuable questions you can ask before starting the creative for your out-of-home advertising campaign.

Delta Air Lines, for instance, made a visual story by partnering with Tinder to create the Delta Dating Wall. To support their story that jet-setters are more likely to be matched, they painted a wall in Brooklyn with popular travel destinations. Passers-by could snap a quick selfie and update their dating profile.

The ad told shared Delta’s story — how jet-setting can help you stand out from the crowd — but even more importantly, it considered the consumer’s journey and let them share their own story, too. With the additional consumer-generated content, this turned out to be the ad that kept on giving.

Drive Short-term Action and Grow Long-term Brand Awareness

Environmental advertising encompasses more than just billboards. They are ads that consumers can see throughout their daily commute. These ads allow brands to accomplish two main goals: long-term brand awareness and short-term action.

Using the right messaging, you can drive consumers to make an action while they wait on the subway, walk to the bus, or even wait for their doctor. Think about what you can ask your future customers to do while they are in viewing distance of your ad. Whether your goal is to get them to visit a website, download an app, or make an online purchase, keep your call-to-action straightforward.

Choose the Right Location

 Don’t be tempted to go the cheap route with your environmental ads. If the location is one where your ad will get served to the wrong demographic or it’s so remote that hardly anyone views it, the entire campaign will be a waste of your marketing dollars. Take the time to research high-traffic sites for your best impression rate, so you can get as many eyeballs on your ad as possible.

Support the Campaign

Outdoor advertising is a mass-market medium. It’s meant to share a general message with a broad audience. Though the branding can absolutely help grow your business, using this particular medium alone will likely not drive conversions. Pair it will other targeted tactics to drive the message home such as digital ads or social media marketing.

Are you ready to have your brand seen all over town? Contact the environmental advertising experts at Concept Marketing today. We can help you hone down your message for increased effectiveness and determine the right location for your ads.

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