The Powers of SEO Experts and Content United:

seo experts and content marketers collaborating

Content is King! We’ve heard this shouted from the proverbial marketing rooftops the past few years. And the concept still stands. Content is a major component of any successful SEO strategy. When content creators and SEO experts work in tandem, the effect is absolutely a superpower. Here’s how to combine the two to effectively and save the day — or at least improve your SEO.

1. Understand SEO Basics

SEO is technical. In days past, marketers in Search Engine Optimization could slap a few keywords in their meta-tags and rank without having supporting content. Now, search algorithms are more sophisticated. They are looking to see if your content matches what the user is actually seeking.

That being said, it’s still as important as ever to have relevant title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, backlinks and optimizing your site for mobile. These processes require some basic coding knowledge and are all vital for improving your website’s search ranking.

2. Develop a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Before starting off on your content journey, begin with keyword research. What is your audience searching for? If you can’t answer this question, you’ll have a hard time writing relevant content.

Once you discover your best keywords, consider what topics would support them. The key is to provide your target audience with something they will find useful. Ask yourself, “is this something they will want to read? Will this information be useful or interesting?”

3. Write Killer Content

You have your strategy; now come the words. Similar to old, SEO practices, you can no longer keyword-stuff bad content and expect your site to rank. Instead, your goal is to attract, educate, and entertain your audience.

4. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize.

While you can’t have SEO without content, you also can’t practice content marketing without good SEO practices. Technical optimization of each content page helps Google determine if your content is relevant to a search. Then, the users’ interaction with your site will let Google know if the content was indeed relevant.

Conduct a thorough site audit to get deeper insights into each page. Are they properly formatted? Is the sitemap set up correctly? Does your inbound linking improve user experience? Technical SEO elements ensure your site’s information is indexed correctly.

For more information on how to improve your site’s content marketing strategy and organic ranking, contact the SEO experts at Concept Marketing. We will conduct a site audit to determine your site’s strengths and weaknesses and analyze appropriate target keywords to develop a successful strategy for improvement.


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