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Email marketing can often be written off as ineffective, but that’s likely due to poor practices. Think of this: you crafted a thoughtfully worded email, spent hours deciding on the perfect subject line, and purchased a strategic mailing list, all to receive an open rate of fewer than 5%. What a disappointment.

Don’t give up on email marketing, though, because it’s still a cost-effective way to drive conversions. Instead, read up on our tips and tricks to elevate your email marketing practices.

Ask for Action

The first step of your email campaign should be writing your call-to-action to give your campaign mission clarity. This message should be clean and one that encourages clicks. Don’t be afraid to tell your readers what you want them to do. A simple “get offer”, “download now”, or “learn more” will elicit more clicks than passive language.

Though some email marketers use secondary CTAs, we aren’t fans of them. Rather than confuse your customers, utilize one, primary message in almost all cases.

To make your CTA more effective, use a button! Make sure these buttons are surrounded by plenty of white space (we suggest at least 44px), so it’s clearly visible. Make sure to use alt text for your CTA button in case the receiver can’t see the image. That way, if the image is missing, they will still know where to click.

Keep it Clean

Use brief, pithy copy for your emails. Long content will deter your readers, muddle your message, and lower your click-through-rate. Write the copy, and then do your best to cut it in half. As Mark Twain would say, “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

Clean copy should also be paired with clean design. Make sure to clear the clutter by removing menus and mirror links. Simplify the design and focus on the goal of your campaign.

Make it Personal

Running an email marketing campaign requires sending more than a single email blast. By the end of the campaign, the ultimate goal is to have your subscribers look forward to your email. The best way to do this is to write to one, not a crowd. Forget your “list of subscribers” and write as if to one person. Add a little personality to your copy by using a natural voice and the word “you.” Above all: be friendly and respectful.

We like personalized emails, but the key here is that less is more. Using a customer’s name too frequently can feel contrived and creepy. One or two customer identifications, on the other hand, allows them to feel appreciated.

Be Adaptive

Even if you are getting great results, continue testing and retesting based on your audience’s response. Use your website analytics, unsubscribe rates, and customer feedback to refine future campaigns for greater success.

For more advice on email marketing or to start your own campaign, contact the team at Concept Marketing today. Our copywriters and design team will create a fresh and engaging strategy to distribute your message.



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