5 Benefits of Storytelling in Content Marketing:

Content Marketing and Storytelling

With so many businesses and marketing agencies — Concept Marketing included — pumping out content for their brands, there is an overabundance of content available for consumers. Now, it’s even more imperative to publish content that is engaging for your audience. The most effective way to make your content marketing strategy effective is through storytelling.

Storytelling allows your brand to connect with your customers in a sincere way, helping to capture their attention and encouraging them to engage with your brand. Not to mention, it’s an effective way to increase conversions because as they say, “Facts tell, but stories sell.”

Here are a few more reasons to make storytelling your key content marketing strategy.

1. Organic Motivator

Let’s go back to college English class for just a moment. Do you remember the elements of persuasive writing? That’s right, we’re talking Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Effective persuasion uses not just logical and ethical appeal, but also emotional appeal. When you combine these elements, you can effectively motivate your audience.

We aren’t suggesting your content marketing strategy should be overtly persuasive, rather we’re conveying the importance of telling stories that evoke feelings and emotions to strike an emotional chord with your customers.

2. Build Relationships

Are you curious about how you can gain brand loyalty? It’s most easily obtained through building relationships with your clientele. When they feel a connection to your brand, business, or services, they become customers for life.

3. Establish a Memorable Brand

Your customers don’t need to be active participants in a story to find it memorable. Instead, they associate your stories with their personal experience, creating a sense of connection to your brand. Whether funny, heartwarming, or motivating, people will recognize the value in the information you share by relating it to their own, personal journey.

4. Refresh Old Ideas

If you’re are constantly churning out new, SEO content or promotional materials, the same offer can quickly become stale. Through storytelling, you can put a new spin on a previously used piece, so it feels new to your audience.

Sometimes, recreating the content wheel is unnecessary. Instead, you can repurpose existing content or refresh “borrowed” ideas and add your brand’s story to give the content a new twist.

5. Encourage Repeat Visitors

We want your customers to keep returning to your business. The best way to keep them coming back for more is to make your content engaging and interesting. The same message feels redundant after a few shares. Switch up your content marketing strategy with storytelling to keep your brand fresh.

If you aren’t sure where to start telling your story, you’re not alone! This tool is widely underutilized in the marketing world because of one reason: it’s not easy! Stay tuned for an insider peek into the crucial elements required for effective storytelling.

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