Influencer Marketing: The Online Marketing Strategy That is Here to Stay


Influencer marketing is directed to online tastemakers on social media. These public figures will drive your brand, products, and services to your target market.

Finding an influencer- with an active following- will separate your information from your competitors. Because the internet marketplace is becoming overrun with competing content, businesses use their authority as a means to make their content visible to larger audiences.

When working with influencers, you avoid the skepticism that clouds business profiles on social media. Your customers view these public figures as more trustworthy, as they are considered to be experts in their field. Although they generally receive compensation for sharing business content, they don’t appear to be selling products.

Hand-in-Hand with Other Online Marketing Strategies

Influencers are found through social media, and they are expected to share your content with their followers. Although many influencers prefer to generate their own content, you can also create content to ensure the message sent is coherent with your brand.

Be aware that by utilizing influencer marketing, you are handing the reins to someone else. This can be scary, but the rewards can be higher than you may expect.

Key Components

  1. Identify Key Influencers. When scouring social media for influencers, remember that numbers aren’t everything. Don’t jump for the influencer that has the most followers. Instead, look for a partner who aligns with your brand’s voice and character, who also has an engaged following.
  2. Create A Marketing Campaign. Direct your campaign through the found influencers. Remember, you can create secondary content for the influencer to share on his or her personal social channels, or you can allow them to create their own unique message.
  3. Track the Results. Use metrics to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. Did the influencer drive traffic to your website or increase sales? How big was the reach? Look for ways to improve, and decide whether or not finding a new influencer would be beneficial.

Though it may seem like a tricky process, influencer marketing will help your business strengthen your online presence. It will definitely expand your reach, so you can get an audience that may not have received your message otherwise.

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