Does Your Instagram Have Your Brand in Mind?

Instagram has become a staple to the social media family and a visual way to share your product, business, and ultimately, your brand. In order to keep your content branded, your grid needs to be fluid. With each post, ask yourself how it relates to your previous pictures and how it helps tell the story of your brand. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a few quick tips to keep your Instagram grid picture on-point:

image by cchana on flickr

No More “Full” Photos

While we’re telling you to focus on your grid, we’re NOT telling you to use your grid to puzzle piece together one big picture. Use each photo to tell a different part of your story. Why take multiple pictures to express one thing that you could convey in a single photo? Be efficient with your posting.

screenshot from Google

Balance your grid out

Scrolling through your Instagram page should feel fluid and you want your followers to instantly understand the vibe of your brand. It’s easiest to create a balanced grid by breaking up your content a bit. If you’re always posting about food, mix it up with singular shots of food, people eating, and different table settings — get creative.

intsagram phone visual
image from Pexels

Be consistent

The key to spreading your brand is to keep it consistent. Create key characteristics about your posts that users will be able to identify with your business. Use the same font, filter, and keep all your photos either horizontal or vertical. It’s easy to maintain similar designs with free sites, like Canva. It’s also simple to keep your brand on point by scheduling out your content. By using Hootsuite or Onlypult, you’re able to schedule out your Instagram content and organize how you want your photos to lay next to one another in your grid.

inta grid people
Photos left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4

When in doubt, show people

People like relating to other people. Instagram is a personal platform and your followers will want to feel connected to you through it. It is also a visual platform — your content should show consumers how others are enjoying your product and that they can, too! It is comforting to know other people like and experience the same things you do. After all, life is about people doing things!

This is an opportunity for you to express your brand with each photo. Post wisely and tell a story with your grid. Now let that creative bug take over and map out your Insta grid!




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