Here’s the Forecast for Marketing Trends of 2017

We’re waving bon voyage to 2016 and welcoming 2017 and all its possibilities with open arms. While it’s important to look back on what we learned about marketing last year, it’s even more critical to forecast what’s going to be on trend this coming year. These three focuses are at the top of our soon-to-be trending list, and we want to keep you in the know. If you’re not utilizing these areas of emphasis, you may need to rethink your 2017 marketing strategy.


It’s no secret that live video is all the rage. What’s making it more outstanding in 2017 is the increase in viewership from live broadcasts. There’s something so fascinating about watching something that either has an expiration and will disappear, or something that’s live and without edits or photoshopping. Snapchat continues to see huge growth because of the “watch it now or miss it forever” mindset it cultivates. Facebook Live is seeing a continued increase in daily users, and the Facebook-owned Instagram just recently rolled out its own live video feature.

Don’t miss out on this gravy train and get thinking about how to implement your own live broadcast.

Optimize for Engagement

With all content marketing, there are a few things you want to keep an eye on. Typically, you look at basic page metrics like page views, clicks, shares on social media, and how long a user stayed on that page. But one measurement that is becoming increasingly important than ever is engagement. Michael Brenner of Content Marketing Institute said, “Anyone can buy traffic. But engagement is the key.”

When you’re thinking about what kind of content to produce, whether that be written blogs on your website or social content elsewhere, engagement performance is becoming a more useful metric to measure success and even ROI.

Mobile Mobile Mobile!

Are you tired of having the phrase “Mobile is king” shoved down your throat this year? Well, it’s still not over. While 2016 was definitely the year of the mobile device, 2017 is likely to reflect that in an even bigger way. Simply put, there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it: think about mobile first or your results are going to suffer.

Talk to the creative team at Concept Marketing to see how we can help you improve your strategy for 2017.

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