Google Has Outdone Itself Again with Interactive Santa’s Village

Google is never in short supply of fun and interactive visuals. Their Google Doodle is something that many look forward to seeing every day. Their latest roll out, Santa’s Village, is a fully interactive webpage featuring a countdown till Santa takes off. It shows off the North Pole in all its glory, complete with games, learning tools, videos of Santa, and even a program to learn how to code a snowflake! Each area of interest is unveiled as an advent calendar, so you’ll want to poke around every day to see what’s new in the village. So, what can you take away from Google’s efforts?

It keeps viewers coming back

Because of the new rich content that’s released every day, web users are encouraged to come back. Once the advent calendar has all been revealed, Google will unveil the main attraction: the Santa countdown and tracker. It’s still locked, so we don’t know for certain what Google will reveal. But knowing them, it’s sure to be a memorable and vivid experience.

google's santa village screenshot

It’s high quality

This is no big surprise. Google is known for its stellar products and branded imagery, and the village they’ve created is no different. The seamless animation at work provides a truly inviting experience for users. The games and interactive features themselves are also well done, perfect for kids and adults alike. It’s another testament to Google’s abilities and skill-sets, and they set the bar for what’s achievable in web content.

google's interactive santa village

If you haven’t experience Google’s new Santa Village, check it out for yourself. Tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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