4 Types of Visual Content Your Brand Should Be Creating

Visual content is the best way to connect with your viewers online. Great visual content is eye catching, informative, and relevant. If your content hits these three targets, it’s highly shareable, which is the ultimate goal. Here are 5 types of visual content that your brand should be creating regularly.


Infographics are the ultimate all-in-one piece of content. Did you know in the last two years, Google searches for these visuals have increased by over 800%. And Libris found that 60% of marketers predict that the use of infographics will increase in 2016 compared to 2015. These kinds of visuals are most effective at presenting data or complex information in an easily digestible format.

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infographic visual content for client
An infographic Concept Marketing created for a client.


When designed properly, quotes are shareable long-lasting pieces of content that speak to many audiences. While you may target your quote to reach one demographic, it should still be relevant to most people. Quotes are most often shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. That’s because they’re inspiring, thought provoking, and just plain interesting. Pair that with a visually pleasing design, and your quote is on its way to the golden land of shareable social media content.

Be sure to always include some branding element in every quote graphic that you design. This way when it’s shared, viewers will see your brand and make that connection.


There’s nothing but great things to say about video these days. According to HubSpot, when a video is included on a landing page, it can lead to increased conversion rates by up to 80%. That’s a statistic you can’t ignore. Engaging video content allows your brand to connect with audiences, dispel a message, and it gives you an edge over your competitors. Why, you ask? Because video is the preferred method of content dissemination these days. And the world wide web wants you to share video.

Facebook’s algorithm heavily favors video, so much so that it will double the post’s organic reach compared to a photo or text post. Google is also pushing the video trend, and encourages companies to create and share original videos. MarketingLand reported that 62% of Google searches include video. The minds at Google are clearly emphasizing video and showing them higher in search results.


Ask yourself the following questions: What kinds of problems are my customers facing? What solutions can I offer them? What can I show them that would be beneficial? The answers to these questions will inform your next piece of visual content. How-to articles work well because you’re providing another service to your customers. Make them visual by including screenshots, step-by-step photos, or videos that explain the process. This content works well for weekly blogs (we do a how-to at least once a month), Pinterest articles, and Facebook posts.

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