Animation Differences:

Animation as part of marketing is an exciting resource for agencies and businesses alike. To better prepare your business for the types of animation you can use in marketing, Concept Marketing created a list.

  • Stop Motion:¬† This¬† type only requires a few pages of illustrated material. This is a very raw way of producing animation.
  • Hand Drawn: This is time intensive and requires an artist and an animator to make the figures come alive. (It is quickly becoming archaic do to the speed that computer animation offers. Think old Disney movies.)
  • Claymation: This type of animation is done in the physical world. Clay figures and sets are designed and then slightly moved frame by frame to create the scene. The Nightmare Before Christmas was produced with Claymation.
  • Computer 2D: a popular type of animation due to the speed it can be completed. It is much faster and can be done by a team of designers. This of the majority of the children cartoons.
  • Computer 3D: A time intensive type of animation, but gives the characters the most depth. You are likely to see this type of animation in Pixar films.

Other types of Animation:

  • Paper Cut Out
  • Painted Glass
  • Drawn on Film

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