Marketing and Halloween:

Happy Halloween! Below are the Halloween themes that you should apply to your marketing strategy.

BOO! Don’t be scared to invest. A successful business invests 20% of their operating budget in marketing. This allows your business to invest in the future and invest in different types of marketing.

King of the Goblins- Online is the king of marketing and where many potential customers are going to find your business. If you are not online (properly online) you do not exist.

The Coven- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with other social media is a coven that bewitches your customers. Social Media is the greatest influence on you customers. Within their trusted circle you can become an influence. This influence will help you gain customer trust, brand awareness and sales.

The Black Cat- Ever wonder how little black cats get such a bad wrap? We think one loud person spoke up about their dislike and now everyone believes they are bad. This is the same for your business online. If you are not paying attention to your online reputation you will become the lonely (and out of business) black cat.

Costumes- You should care about you brands appearance. How you dress your brand up will become what the customer sees and believes it is. Be sure you are proud of your business’ costume because it will become its appearance to the customer.

Be safe and have a great Halloween. We cannot wait for the rest of the Holiday marketing season!

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