Online vs Traditional:

There are many directions a marketing strategy can take that will lead to success. One of the biggest choices in marketing is trying to decide whether to rely on traditional or online media. A good mix of the two is highly recommended. An example for a new campaign would be pay per click and a physical billboard. The list below highlights the benefits of both avenues in order for a business to decide where to place the budget and focus.


  1. The average business spends the majority of their marketing budget on traditional media.
  2. Depending on the customer base, they may be more drawn to a printed piece then a digital pop up.
  3. TV and Radio are media king.  Be seen when the customer is paying attention.



  1. Online Media allows small businesses to advertise economically.
  2. Businesses can target to specific audience. Online can help identify where the consumer is seeing the product.
  3. Everything placed online can be measured. This ability of measurement means instant results if a campaign in working.
  4. When a company invests in SEO this results in long term marketing. This SEO investment benefits a business for months after the initial creation.

Concept Marketing will find the perfect mix of traditional and online media advertising for your business. You will have an effective strategy that best combines the two media. Call us for your media consultation.

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