Facebook Stories – How It Can Help Your Business

We saw the trend, and we anticipated this day would come: Facebook Stories makes its way into our news feeds. Like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories allow users to post photos or videos that will disappear after 24 hours. The stories will be featured above your feed, utilize selfie and geo-filters, and allow users to reply with a direct message. You may be wondering how this might affect your business. Here’s how…

Who will this impact

Facebook has seen a dip in users — particularly millennials — since users opted against creating their own, original content to share links and information from other websites instead. User generated content dropped 21% between 2015 and 2016, and many users have migrated to smaller social networks to share their photos. The older demographic, 34 to 50, continues to grow on Facebook, but not on other social media platforms. This new feature is a way for your business to reach an older demographic in a way they have never been communicated to before.

Camera-first Communication

Facebook attributes the decline of user-generated content to the move toward camera-first communication. They decided to capitalize on the trends seen elsewhere and implement them in the Facebook app. David Marcus, head of Messenge, stated, “People expect the world to be so much more visual than it’s ever been before… We built a fast, feature-rich camera as a way for you to share visually every day.” With that, Facebook Stories now allow you to visually show more from your day, workplace, and products. This new feature can be utilized to show more of your stock with a new sense of urgency that will motivate your audience to take notice before it is too late.

The Impact

Facebook Stories go beyond direct advertising and allow your business to engage with consumers in a more authentic and intimate way. It has the potential to alter the way older consumers engage with their favorite brands through viewing news, entertainment, and live-event coverage. The story sharing feature on Instagram has gained 150 million users, and Facebook has 1.7 billion people using its mobile app each month. The possibilities are endless!

The feature will be expanding to the U.S. within a few months. If you want to stay up to date on marketing trends, we recommend implementing Facebook Stories into your marketing strategy. This is an opportunity to reach your customer base in an all new fashion — have fun with it!

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